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Special VAT Refund Regime


Best Empresarial SL is a business consultancy. We are experts in the VAT Return Regime (REDEME). Our goal is to help small companies (SMEs) through this technique to be able to keep the accounts up to date and also having the VAT in the hands of entrepreneurs, may have better liquidity.

This system is of interest to businessmen since this system of REDEME allows to request the refund of VAT monthly instead of doing it annually, that is, it is not necessary to wait until the end of the year to recover the VAT .

Especially those entrepreneurs whose VAT amounts supported exceeds the VAT charged throughout the year, for example, exporting and newly created companies.

Subscription to the REDEME system presupposes the future declaration of Model 340 (Informative Return ) and Model 303 (VAT Self-assessment) monthly requesting the refund of VAT and performing these services BEST EMPRESARIAL, SL would help companies to manage their money better.

BEST EMPRESARIAL, SL is a pioneering consultancy since 2009 in offering this type of specialized and quality services at a flexible price to achieve the satisfaction of the interests of the clients.

What are the advantages of Redeme?

  • It is beneficial for exports that are exempt from VAT that will have borne much more than they have passed on.
  • Another case for companies that have a different type of VAT that they support (especially if the type they support is higher).
  • In general for the companies that support much more VAT that reverberate.
For SMEs, keeping accounts up to date and having liquidity available month after month is very difficult for many entrepreneurs, but BEST EMPRESARIAL Asesoría de Empresas wants to explain what REDEME is ( Monthly Return System) and how it could help you to achieve this business challenge .

What is the Monthly Return Scheme? REDEME

Before 2008. The Monthly Return System was a strict obligation of a small group of COMPANIES. We are talking about the companies whose operations exceeded six million euros.

Later in the year 2009. This system, abbreviated as REDEME , allows to request the VAT refund monthly instead of doing it annually. It is already an option for any type of company that wants to benefit from this regime.

The Regime for the Monthly Return of VAT (REDEME) is regulated in article 163 sexies. The article is entitled «Conditions for the application of the special regime of the group of entities». And it is regulated by Law 37/1992 on Value Added Tax.

So far the official explanations. But, in what way can this regime benefit an entrepreneur?

Since the REDEME was opened to all entrepreneurs since January 1, 2009, many may have signed up as a way to force themselves to keep the accounts up to date. And is that the presentation of the model 303 month to month, instead of quarters, helps the entrepreneur to be aware of their «real» economic situation. And above all to the actual return of your VAT

Registration with REDEME also allows you to request and obtain the surplus of VAT supported monthly. In other words, there is no need to wait until the end of the year to recover what has been overpaid.

Therefore, this system means acquiring liquidity every month for the business, company. That extra balance that is the monthly refund of the VAT paid to almost all SME entrepreneurs.

How to register for the REDEME

To register for the Monthly Return System, you must submit model 036 telematically to the Tax Agency. The 036 model consists of the Census Declaration of registration, modification and cancellation in the Census of Employers, Professionals and Retainers. You can also register through the telematic presentation of model 039. This is, «Data communication regarding the regime of the group of entities in the Value Added Tax».

Once enrolled in the REDEME we will have to present two models monthly.

Best Empresarial is a pioneering consultancy in this registration for PYMES companies.

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