Labor, Tax and Accounting Consulting

As part of our international experience, and in order to meet all types of information requests for the establishment of your company in Spain, we offer this service within the 3 following modalities:

  • Concise answer : Email a concise answer to your query. 30 euros
  • Detailed answer : Email a detailed response to your query, also indicating the best option and practical advice on the case or compliance alternatives. 60 Euros
  • In-depth answer : Sending an in-depth response to your inquiry by email. It also includes applicable rules, detailed explanation and practical advice on the case or compliance alternatives. This answer comes in much more depth than the detailed answer. 90 Euros
consultoría laboran, contable y fiscal

Others: If you want another type of report or make more than 1 query, please contact us. All answers include up to 2 further clarifications by email about the query made. Remember to read the General Conditions of Contract before accepting them.

The service does not include:

  • Review or writing of documents.
  • Resolution of more than 1 query per submitted form.
  • Personal intervention of the lawyer, advisor, expert or consultant in the case (negotiations, legal proceedings, etc.).

Term of resolution: an expert of Best Empresarial will resolve Your Consultation in the following terms, according to the work schedule in Madrid, Spain:

  • Concise answer: 2 business days.
  • Detailed answer: 4 business days.
  • In-depth response: 6 business days.

This period will start counting the day after receipt of the payment confirmation. To clarify what you will receive from this service, and to clarify which of the answers suits you best, contact us. Methods of payment: PayPal (recommended), bank transfer.

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