Counseling and management

Our history

Our company is constituted as a limited company in 1992, thanks to its founder, Caridad Barrios, who with her experience in the fiscal and business area opens the Madrid office, initially focused on the provision of accounting, tax and labor services.

In a few years, and as a consequence of our international perspective, we managed to bring many foreign companies that started their operations in Madrid. Later we saw the opportunity to expand to other locations such as Palma de Mallorca and Gran Canaria.

gestoría y asesoría en Madrid

This experience leads us in 2006 to formalize a collaboration with a German law firm in Palma de Mallorca and in this way obtain even more contact with German companies. Consolidating our experience with countries such as: Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, etc.And gain a lot of experience in consulting the tax organization of foreign companies in Spain.


Our mission

Achieve the satisfaction of our customers in all areas of work that this leaves in our charge.

Our objectives

  • Position ourselves as a leading company in Business Advisory services.
  • Maintain a comprehensive and profitable service.
  • Maintain a transparent pricing policy, with a fair assessment based on the workload.
  • Adapt continuously to meet established commitments and always maintain an optimal level of quality in our services.

Counseling and management in Madrid

  • As we have said before we are experts in the good management of Restaurants and Hotels.
  • In the Accounting area: We have a great experience in the accounting service of Restaurants and hotels, carrying the analytical accounting for each department.
  • Not only do Accounting Advisory but also financially advise the client.
  • We make monthly accounting reports (we analyze the income and expenses of other years) with analytical studies.
  • We offer solutions adapting to the needs of our Clients. Whether the company is large or small, or its geographical scope.
  • Activity License and Opening of Restaurants and Hotels.
  • Legalization of Works.
  • Advice on the best contracts for employees and we take your best labor management.
  • In the Tax Advisory we provide the best solutions to your company.
  • In the fiscal management, we give assistance of Tax Inspections with a high percentage of Success.
  • Claims and writings to the Tax Agency.

About Caridad Barrios

When carrying out the fiscal tax reform in Spain, detects the need to update the accounting of the companies since they did not carry any type of accounting or taxes. With these circumstances, at 25 years of age decides to set up her company to take accounting and taxes to Spanish companies. After several years of professional success, for personal reasons leaves the company, and decides to attend to personal matters.

Later she decided to create Best Empresarial, and after many years of experience, she decided to strengthen her training with a Master in Tax and another in Account Auditing. Recently, she obtained a Master in Business Administration and Management at the European University of Madrid.

The Institute of Professional Excellence delivers the ‘Gold Star’ to Caridad Barrios, founder of Best Empresarial.

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