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Our computerized management system allows us to easily adapt ourselves to the particular needs of your business, and keep chronological track of your operations. Our team of experts will analyze the documentation you present in order to determine the one that can or cannot be counted. We guarantee full transparency and reliability in our work and the information we manage. ¿What does our service include?

asesoramiento empresarial en contabilidad
asesoramiento empresarial laboral

Labor Law

We analyze and study the type of contract that better adapts to your company according to the characteristics of your employees. We arrange the available credit of bonus for training in social insurance. Do not hesitate in turning in your own favor, the dues payment made for training every month. ¿What does our service include?

Tax Law

An adequate financial planning is best method of saving taxes. ¿What does our service include?

Trade Law

We prepare the annual accounts and the company documents required by the Commercial Registry. ¿What does our service include?

asesoramiento empresarial creación de sociedades

Creation of Societies

We are specialists in creating companies in Spain, starting with an analysis to determine the type of society that better adapts to the corporate goals. We encourage you to look our guide to create a company, where we describe the different types of societies. ¿What does our service include?

Pioneers in processing the VAT devolution for Small and medium size companies of international trade

iva en diferido para pymes en importación y exportación

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